Dean is an elected Shire Councillor

Participated in the 2021 state election to gain more state funding to our fastest growing Council area in WA.

About Dean Strautins

I live in the Darling Range electorate with my family of four children aged 10 to 17 years old, all schooled in the electorate. Having been elected by you as a Councillor in Serpentine-Jarrahdale . I became aware of the fast growth and the desperate need for infrastructure to provide services to our fast growing population.

Rates are always contentious so I am seeking every opportunity to decrease the rate burden on our residents. Gaining state funding is a great way to achieve that. Also we need value for our rates and having more infrastructure and services delivers that to residents.

I take my appointment as a Councillor seriously and have been calling out wrongs where ever I see them. I believe we have a a great team of fellow Councillors that have many differences of opinions that just makes our decisions stronger.

I am the son of a refugee from Europe and a multi generational West Australian family. As a teenager I was serious cyclist and then worked on Cattle Stations in the North West. Later I made use of TAFE and Universities in WA to improve my education.

Now I am a IT business owner, whom previously worked in the Mining and Oil & Gas industry and served Australians in the Australian Army as a soldier in the Special Air Service (SAS) in WA. Overseas work included guiding youth at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and as an IT Manager in China. Studies include an International Business Degree and a Masters Degree in Internet Communication.

My corporate, military, Councillor and life experience endow me with the ability to lobby government departments to deliver what is necessary in our electorate.

I believe there is extensive unrealised opportunity to deploy environmentally sustainable economic development not just in SJ Shire but for all of Darling Range and the Peel Region.

I have listed some examples on the State Level Objectives page. When ever possible I inform Mayors and other influential people of such advanced technology opportunities.

My passion is to support inclusion, education and business opportunities. We can see there is great demand for a new library in the new Byford CBD so we all have a place to study, learn and get ahead.  As the Shire did gain $30million election promise then it now becomes possible to build a very good library in Byford that may have the capacity to include business development by specialists from Space Cubed, Tafe, and Universities and much more.

Below are letters of support I have received to deliver Innovation and Business Development to the Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Shire as well as my two Degrees.








Asian Engagement Experience

Dean has lived, studied, and worked in three Chinese cities for 3 years. As General Manager China for the worlds 5th largest software supplier, as well as having studied business in 7 other South East Asian countries, Dean has the experience to represent WA in Asia.

Security Experience

Dean has been a qualified front line special forces soldier in the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) and has a Masters Degree in Internet Communication. Therefore; Dean has the foundation knowledge and experience to ensure our security is the best it can be.

Technology and Innovation

Dean has been Director for 3 years of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga Business Development Lab. Having worked with Swedish innovation centres and WA local innovators, Dean also is on the Switch Your Thinking Committee with the City of Armadale identifying efficiency for local families.

Dean Strautins Bachelors Degree
SJ Shire Letter of Support
SJ Shire Letter of Support
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