Industrial and Agricultural market overhaul

Currently industrial and agricultural businesses in the Darling Range area are constrained and can not grow as they would like. Other businesses can not get established because of the lack of basic resources they require. State government has lacked timely strategic decisions so that many areas of WA can not grow economically. The Peel region and especially the Shire of Murray is in desperate need of fresh water such as Good Water Energy can deliver at less than half the Water Corporation price. But the state government protects the monopoly held by the Water Corp at the expense of us all. There are fewer jobs and more unemployment in WA as a result of the state government policy that with your Vote, Dean Strautins will be able to work towards changing.

Good Water Energy can produce carbon neutral, green hydrogen at $2KG that can revolutionise the WA industrial economy as solar and battery generation of hydrogen is over $10 a KG. To replace diesel powered trucks the price has to be less than $10 KG.

All the desalinated potable water does not require any costly filters or costly electricity. This too will revolutionise agriculture!

As your Independent in Parliament I will function like a winged keel on the Australia 2 sailing boat that won the Americas Cup. I will work towards government adoption of cost reducing technology so the government invests to create jobs and make our economy internationally competitive.

Zero Emission Water Darling Range
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