State Level Objectives

Fully funded half price potable water and half price base load electricity

The WA government has market protection for electricity and water suppliers so you and business pay too high a price.

Click to listen to this ABC Podcast to hear details as to why an Independent in Parliament is required to deliver sustainable carbon neutral base load electricity at lower cost to unlock economic growth.

If the state government allowed lower cost water and lower cost electricity then there would be an economic boom in WA. Right now all of WA is lacking water and is paying too high a price for electricity. As an Independent in Parliament I would push forward such economic opportunities. For example, Good Water Energy is based in WA and is privately fully funded to deliver base load electricity and desalinated potable water at half price. We just need the state government to stop blocking such advancement and economic opportunity.

There is a whole book written and published called the Carbon Club on why major political parties in Australia have deliberately failed to implement carbon neutral electricity.

This film about Investment Changing The World explains why sustainable companies like Good Water Energy gains all the funding they need. The major obstacle is government that Dean Strautins needs you vote to correct.

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