Dean Strautins was the only candidate with a property and living in the electorate

Dean Strautins is your elected Shire Councillor whom successfully attracted election funding promises to Serpentine-Jarrahdale Shire needs.

Because of Dean’s campaign as an Independent, on 27 February 2021 Labor promised $30 million for the Health Hub building to be built in the Byford CBD.

Darling Range Election Outcome

Labor has won 90+% of the seats and nearly put Liberals to extinction.

My competing in the state election was taking up the opportunity to perform my duty as a Shire Councillor to gain more state government attention to our Shire. I made a point of creating this website, installing signs, and flyers to add credibility.

As I never campaigned outside of Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire I hoped it would strengthen my message with Labor that SJ Shire seriously needs more state government funding as I could not seriously compete in just half the electorate.
Furthermore, I did not consider the approach by Liberal to be doing much to attract funding to SJ Shire so I worked to expose Liberal for their shortcomings.

My message definitely got through to Labor as they preferenced me 3rd that is the highest preference they could give me after placing Greens 2nd. That was a vote of confidence from Labor in what I was seeking to achieve for the Shire.

Labor then promised $30 million on 27 February for a Byford Health Hub that I moved at Council just 14 days earlier on 15 February 2021. The Heath Hub project only requires $5 million, and $7 million if the project includes a Byford Library. So we all in the Shire now have an extra $20+ million to provide more of the type of infrastructure I was proposing in my campaign.

Therefore; to conclude, I consider my participation in the election to be a great success for the Shire and the residents. I enjoyed the opportunity to participate and influence the outcome so that now we have a Labor member for Darling Range that gives all residents a better chance to gain more funding from the Labor government over the next 4 years.

$82 Million SJ Shire

$82 Million of funding for Shire projects was achieved as a result of the state election. This amount excludes the $millions the state government will give to Main Roads to extend Tonkin Highway.  

Byford Library Darling Range

Now we have a local Labor representative in the state government we have a better chance to get this train station correct.

Byford Rail Station

Your votes for Labor helps SJ Shire to avoid state government delivering a sub-standard Byford train station and CBD

Core infrastructure attracts the people to support existing and new businesses such as theaters, jazz bars etc.

We will wait over 20 years to get Byford Central correct unless it is built correct the first time.

Vibrant Byford Centre

We want a functional vibrant Byford Central and not wait 20 years seeing it built bit by bit.